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Nepal Earthquake: Difficult Economic, Political Situation

April 27 -- Council Foreign Relations India, Pakistan South Asia Fellow Alyssa Ayres discusses Nepal' economy country' worst earthquake decades. She speaks “Bloomberg...

Drone Footage Shows Nepal Earthquake Damage

Drone footage recorded Nepalese capital Kathmandu shows scale destruction major earthquake.

NEW: Video shows moment earthquake hit Tibet - BBC News

Footage moment massive earthquake struck Nepal Himalayas emerged - filmed survivor Tibet Autonomous Region China. The death toll 7.8-magnitude quake ...

Earth Day April 22 Hari Bumi 22 April

Earth Day April 22 Hari Bumi 22 April Hari Bumi hari pengamatan tentang bumi dicanangkan setiap tanggal 22 April diperingati secara internasional.[1][2] Hari Bumi...

Earth Day Quiz

I created video YouTube Video Editor (

2012 earth day fair concert

I singer video I thought pretty good plz leave comment . ps singer ...

Earth Day - Stay Green

How Stay Green, home.