Latest Royal baby and More!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween &...."batghost."

The Silent Video Response to Slam your Fingers in a Draw Challenge

A (silent) video response 1blazineagle1 latest video challenge slamming fingers filing cabinet drawer. NOTE: This skit fo...

Don't panic, I'm okay!

Just short video I' & family. There unfortunate situation occurred today & care ...

Video response to Best rock song ever

A video response Lisa latest video. Great job, Lisa! http://youtube./lisajmoore.

Insulting Evil Ciggy!

It Evil Ciggy insulted , ' & balls deal ...

A Main Channel Update

Been small break week & videos return starting Monday.

Super Power Outage

Power outage occured 2nd Half Super Bowl Superdome Orleans.

In Winter's Silence....

I created video youtube Video Editor ( Winter finally arrived & settled I live.