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Royal Baby: Queen meets great-grandson and heir

The Queen visited Will Kate Kensington Palace meet great grandson Prince Cambridge time. She stayed couple newborn 30 minutes...

Royal Baby Birth ! Kate middleton be mother of the future king of england SUPER VIDEO COMPILATION

Royal Baby Birth ! Kate middleton mother future king england SUPER VIDEO COMPILATION Share ! More news follow Twitter @newsdailyplanet.

BBC One Breaking News - Royal Baby - 22/07/2013

BBC One Breaking News - Royal Baby - 22/07/2013 20h30 : L'émission préédente se termine, juste au moment ù 'annonce de la naissance de 'éritier Anglais est prononcé.

The Royal Baby makes his debut

Kate Bolduan Max Foster offer insight Royal Baby' public appearance.

Duchess Kate feels royal baby No. 2 kicking!

Duchess Kate Middleton pregnant: Duchess Kate' baby . 2 rambunctious . Kate, months , “It' moving time, I feel kicking...

Royal baby: William and Kate expecting second child

Subscribe : The Duke Duchess Cambridge expecting child, Palace confirmed. The Palace royal-mum-- suffering...

Le Royal Baby - JCVandale

Ca 'est le Royal Baby est é !!! Mais malgrè sa lourdeur, la presse ' visiblement pas touché tout le monde ... Abonne-toi à la chaîne ici :